Dra. Gabriela Ortiz

Degree in Nutrition and Food Science


7/3/20231 min read

"Don't start a diet that will end one day, start a lifestyle that will last forever".

Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science, diabetes educator

Hi! I am Gabriela Ortiz, I graduated in Nutrition and Food Science from the Universidad Iberoamericana León, I am also trained as a Diabetes Educator and I have a course in Psychosocial Dimensions of Obesity, both studies at the Universidad Iberoamericana León.

My goal as a Nutritionist is to provide you with the tools to improve your health through food and thus improve your quality of life, I focus on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for you, which suits your needs, your routine and your lifestyle. your goals.

For me, one of the priorities in my consultation is to provide you with personalized attention, since each one of us has different needs and objectives, I invite you to attend a nutritional consultation to improve your lifestyle and achieve a balance between your nutrition and your welfare.


  • InBody Body Composition Measurement

  • Weight control

  • Improve health habits

  • Diet during pregnancy and lactation

  • Control of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and/or high blood triglycerides, etc.)

  • Food to improve digestive health (control of gastritis, colitis, reflux, etc.)

What does the appointment include?

  1. Clinic history

  2. InBody Measurement Analysis (Total Weight, BMI, Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, Total and Segmental Body Fat, Total and Segmental Muscle Mass, % Body Fat, Visceral Fat Level)

  3. treatment plan

  4. 100% personalized eating plan (access to monitoring APP, menu, list for food exchange, guide to standardized measurements, list of recommended brands, list of superfoods)

Objective of the nutrition program: Achieve your objectives in a healthy, rich, nutritious and sustainable way in the future, in order to achieve comprehensive well-being in your life.